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Creating the lifestyle that you desire requires making changes toward your goals. Whether that be a mental shift or altering your daily routine, you need the necessary resources to make that dream a reality. At Gym Plus, we provide the equipment that will revolutionise your fitness journey and allow you to get on the path to achieving incredible results with confidence and ease.

We started this venture in 2015 with the goal of transforming lives. Over the last several years, we have been honoured to be an integral part of fitness journeys across Australia. After starting in a toolshed in Perth, we are humbled and thrilled to have grown into one of the leading eCommerce retailers of fitness and gymnastic equipment. From training to dance, and kid gymnastics products, we are consistently pushing the status quo to offer game-changing equipment.

Currently, we own and sell three brands, including ATTIVO, MEMAX, and YOZZI. Each one specialises in providing a carefully curated collection of products to enhance overall health and wellness for customers of all ages and skill levels. These are high-quality while still being affordable. We believe health should be accessible to everyone, and we are delighted to be that resource for so many of our valued customers.

With an eye on the future of fitness innovations and a keen understanding of what our customers are looking for, we continue to stay ahead of the latest trends. This is more than just a business; we want to give people a new chance to rejuvenate their health. We welcome you to explore our wide range of products and cannot wait to see how Gym Plus revamps your health in remarkable ways. We are sure it will!

Why Choose Gym Plus
Our focus on customer service doesn’t end at the level of goods we sell.
12 Month warranty and 14 day return guarantee and prompt 24/7 customer care continues from the first time you explore our store until after the sale. We want you to feel comfortable spending your hard-earned money with us, and our team works hard to ensure you have a smooth experience throughout your time shopping with Gym Plus.

No middlemen, more savings.
We source products directly from manufacturers and fulfil every single order from our own warehouses located in Melbourne and Perth. No complex supply chain, and no expensive middlemen. Most importantly, all these costs we dedicatedly cut off, will save your money!

Free shipping to Australian metro areas.
Enjoy free delivery to Australian metro areas (Except Western Australia and Tasmania) on all non-bulky products at Gym Plus. We also make sure our shipping charges are low and reasonable for bulky items to those rural/regional areas.